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Selina Seah, Panel Speaker of THE CONSCIOUS FESTIVAL The TALKS by Green Is The New Black

A very meaningful weekend with like-minded individuals discussing on the importance of Connecting to ourselves deeper to connect with the planet.

Selina Seah and the panel of speakers spoke with Luke from MindValley on how our environment holds such a special place in our being and connection to nature. Fleur from Palo IT reminded us on the importance of mindfulness- stopping to reflect before we respond. Beata, psychologist and ex-Athlete- shares the power of making choices. Katrina, a medical doctor did a lovely job of really encouraging the space and pace of the panel.

Selina Seah shared the importance of being the master of our E-motions( energy in- motion) and how we all have a relationship with our mothers as well with Mother Earth. The ability to nurture and have self-care for our life force is key to having a harmonious connection to oneself and with our environment.





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