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From The Author of International Best Seller 'The Invisible Power'




Comes the Highly-Anticipated book for EXTRAORDINARY ENTREPRENEURS


The Success DNA




"Selina is an astute observer of human traits. As a successful entrepreneur herself, Selina is now selflessly sharing this knowledge with the world, helping people in their paths to entrepreneurship."


– Patrick Lee

Executive Vice-President

Unique Logistics International Ltd

(Hong Kong)

"This book will be a very useful resourcefor aspiring entrepreneurs for preparing themselves to face the challenges that are bound to come their way.”


Arcot Desai Narasimhalu

• Managing Innovator, Simha Innovation Pte Ltd

• Visiting Professor of Information Systems, Singapore Management University (SMU)

• Founding Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SMU





You’ll learn these secrets:







1)    The Essential DNA traits of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs.

2)   How to overcome challenges and setbacks as an Entrepreneur.

3)   The ‘Money Mindset’ that all Entrepreneurs should have.

4)   What is the No.1 Biggest Investment to make in any business.

5)   The ‘Confessions’ of Entrepreneurship- The Good, the Bad and the Radical.

6)   How to go from Entre’POOR’neur to ‘RICH’trepreneur.

7)   The Guru behind the Guru- You’ll want to know who they learn from and what their visions are.


Get inside the DNA blueprint of these amazing entrepreneurs,

unlock their success strategies and secrets of staying extraordinary.






About the Author: Selina Seah




"Entrepreneurship is all about knowing

yourself first, then the business."

– Selina Seah






An award winning entrepreneur, best selling author, magazine publisher, speaker & success strategist, Selina Seah is also recognised as a leading specialist in the area of energy alchemy, human resource potential, success strategies and personal transformation.


She is passionate about empowering people and businesses to make compelling choices and creating greater wealth, success and abundance.









Exclusive interviews with






Praise for the book






Selina is an astute observer of human traits. As a successful entrepreneur herself, Selina is well qualified to know "what works and what doesn't" from her own experiences. By combining this with her observations and interviews of successful entrepreneurs, Selina possesses a rich database of "Entrepreneur's DNA” and is now selflessly sharing this knowledge with the world, helping people in their paths to entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship is much more than making money; it is about creating a living, breathing organism (aka business) and in many cases, livelihoods for others through employment. Having made an impact on peoples lives through her first book- “The Invisible Power- The 9 Powerful Laws of Highly Successful People"; Selina is about to do it again with her new book, creating an army of better prepared entrepreneurs, ready to ROCK THE WORLD"


Patrick Lee

Suppy Chain Professional

Executive Vice-President

Unique Logistics International Ltd (Hong Kong)



An entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and an author. Selina has once again achieve another milestone with her second publication-“The Success DNA of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs”, which consists of insightful sharing and lessons from successful entrepreneurs and how they overcome the odds to achieve their goals and aspirations. A must-read for all business owners and to-be entrepreneurs who can learn from years of experiences and knowledge from proven business leaders!


Gary Loh


Purple Clay Consulting Pte Ltd



I have recently had the pleasure of working with Selina on her magazine- “Alchemy Abundance”. Selina has great wisdom beyond her years and with this wisdom she is definitely someone that you can trust to help direct you in becoming the success that you were born to be.

Selina is an extremely inspirational woman and her revelations in unlocking the power of wealth and success through your energies for our future are very exciting. She is leaving a legacy...join in her wisdom, and leave yours too. Join in the learning, manifest and change your power!


Karina Francois

Entrepreneur & Author of “Clean Food - Clear Thinking: Change your body, Change your mind”

Founder of Infinite Health Practice ( Australia )



As a believer of spiritual and mental well-being myself, Selina has opened my horizons to a wider spectrum. I have benefited greatly from her gift and knowledge and as a sportsman and model, I truly believe our persona exudes from the inside.

“The Success DNA of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs” is definitely going to help each individual inside out and realizing their full potential in not just entrepreneurship but everything in life. I highly recommend this book if you want to start making a change in your life and put thoughts into action!


Jason Chee

International Fitness celebrity, Model & Pageant Holder 



Selina is one of the most energetic and dynamic entrepreneur I’ve met. With her success, she is devoted to writing this book to help others aspire their dream of being a successful entrepreneur. With her relentless effort of interviewing some very successful entrepreneurs, this book will unlock the DNA secrets of a successful business person.


Kevin Ong

Managing Director

Chewy Junior International Pte Ltd



As a Social entrepreneur, I interact with a lot of people and my days are filled with endless activities. My sessions with Selina have taught me about my inner strengths and weaknesses. Selina's interpretations of my aura has guided me where to focus my energies and what aspect of my mind and body needs nurturing. These helped me a lot in my approach to each challenging project that I encounter.

More importantly I learned from her how to productively engage with our workers and clients from different fields. I will require our project managers to read this new book of Selina."


Noah Manarang

President of Vetiver Farms Philipines

Vetiver Technologist

Social Entrepreneur (Philippines)



Many people find it hard to see the connection between the spiritual and business-minded world. Many of us believe that spiritualism belongs in the temples and businesses in the offices. But with the right mindset and hard work, Selina has found the way through her spiritual background to successful entrepreneurship. Selina shared with me together with others at a CEO retreat many years ago; that to give and serve is the key to all success. Only when we feel success from within ourselves, will we then be able to experience success in our external world. With a strong purpose of wanting to help others, Selina has written this book to help us grow both economically and spiritually, bringing together Mind Body and Soul for successful entrepreneurship.


Oliver Thurmann  ( Phuket )

Entrepreneur and a student of Selina Seah












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