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Aura Energizer

High Vibrational Aromatherapy
Formulated 100% Pure Essential Oil blend

Powered with Nature’s Essence, Charged with Crystal Energies, Secured with Affirmation, the Aura Energizer is an excellent aura booster that helps to cleanse & energise your aura. It protects you by creating a sacred space around you and sealed it with powerful healing energies. A perfect all natural energy potion for busy executives who are too busy to take time off for a holistic retreat and therapy.

FORMULATED EXCLUSIVELY by Selina who infused the POWER OF CRYSTAL ENERGIES into a blend of high frequency pure essential oils to create maximum cleansing and protection of one's auric field and chakra system.

The immense strength of AURA ENERGIZER is further strengthened & programmed with POWER AFFIRMATIONS thus instantly raises one's vibration, Protects & Seal one's sacred space to attract positive energy and abundance into his life!


Use the AURA ENERGIZER DAILY to protect your auric field & raise your vibration:

  • before setting off to work
  • before important meetings
  • before a major presentation or event 
  • when you feel dis-Ease in a particular environment
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The Amazing Power of Aura Energizer testified by celebrities, Investment Guru, Siddha Doctors & Healers




How to use:

  1. Apply 2-3 drops of aura energizer onto your palm and rub your hands together.
  2. Cup your hands together to your nose and inhale deeply 3-4 times, abdomen ballooning as you inhale, and contracting as you exhale (So as to allow the aura energizer to stimulate your chakra system)
  3. Using a brushing motion, sweep your hands over your head a few times, in order to cleanse and protect you.
  4. Repeat the sweeping motion for shoulders, front, back and legs.
  5. Finally, place your left hand over your heart and your right hand encircling your throat. Inhale and exhale 3 times.
  6. Indulge in the relaxing and rejuvenating experience for as long as you prefer

When to use:

  • before setting off to work
  • before important meetings
  • before a major presentation or event 
  • when you feel dis-Ease in a particular environment


“Physical & emotional health is the 2 most important things in life! The AVS report & Selina’s amazing accuracy in her reading offer me an excellent balance to my mind, body & spirit! The Aura Energizer is something to reckon with! It heightened my aura, provides clarity & focus……This is what I need…”

Jason Chee
Winner, Manhunt Singapore 2012
Gym Owner


“I always have it in my pocket. You feel purified and protected and free of negative influences… gives you that extra advantage you need to get into that next level.. It has pump-up my energy level and change my life…”

Graham Bibby
Richmond Asset Management
Investment Guru
Best-Selling Author
Regular CNBC/Bloomberg contributor


‘The Aura Energizer is amazingly fast in enhancing & optimising my energetic resources & wellbeing. Thank you for the
wonderful essence..’  

N. Roman,

‘..The most amazing next big thing is this. I was given a drop of the Aura Energizer & took a 2nd scan. When I saw my 2nd scan, I was blown away by the big improvement of my energy & my Aura level. The Aura Energizer is a ‘must buy item..’

Lucy Theodas,
avid devotee & social worker


The Aura Chakra Company is the leading specialist in expanding human potential since 2008:

We are the Authorized Global Distributor of Aura Chakra Scanning System(AVS)

Certified Global Aura Chakra Consultant & Trainer

Certified Global Training Centre for aura scanning system


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Intuitive Business Strategist
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Aura Energizer
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