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“Just because you are CEO, don’t think you have landed. You must continually increase your learning, the way you think, and the way you approach the organization. I’ve never forgotten that.” 
Indra Nooyi, CEO PepsiCo

Be Empowered and unleash your infinite potential with our CEO- CHIEF ENERGY OPTIMIZER!- Selina Seah

The 3 day investment on being the CEO of your own LIFE will prove invaluable to ANY busy CEOs and Aspiring CEOs.
Taking you out of your dynamic lifestyle from your ‘outer’ world , The CEO RETREAT takes you on a JOURNEY into your ‘INNER’ world.

You will LEARN the  POWERFUL knowledge and the experience of  being the CEO of the world’s largest and most powerful organization during  the 3 days retreat.

 The Rich invest their TIME, while the POOR invest in MONEY “–Warren Buffet

The investment of 3 days in exchange for 365 days of OPTIMAL Energy , Focus and Happiness is indeed PRICELESS!

Group Seminar or RETREAT (3-10 days program)





“Thank you so much for your time and the very very very Good program that I had attended…!
I am so appreciative. Especially Selina..I know you have put in a lot of energy and commitment to take care of us…to heal us!
I have attended many holistic retreats and seminars…This is the BEST I HAVE ATTENDED!!.. I will come back more for more…”

Dr Pranee, Business Woman

“It’s been such a pleasure to meet you Selina and thank you for your healing & kindness” 

Jennifer Bovard, Organizational Pyschologist

“Thank you for taking us on a journey of happiness, emotions, feelings and expressions. I thought I knew myself but I didn’t..and I have learnt so much of myself from your teachings and guidance. I can now live my life with an abundance of happiness”  

Will & Pat, Business Executives

“There is no words to describe what kind of love you have brought to all of our lives. Thank you is not enough…”

Oliver Thurmann & Honey, Business owners


Welcome Cocktail

Aura Analysis


SunRise Meditation




Envision Your Life


Chakra Meditation


Master Your Mind, Master Your Money


Yoga Therapy


Energizing Bath Brew


End of Retreat





The Aura Chakra Company is the leading specialist in expanding human potential since 2008:

We are the Authorized Global Distributor of Aura Chakra Scanning System(AVS)

Certified Global Aura Chakra Consultant & Trainer

Certified Global Training Centre for aura scanning system


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