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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are affliated with mainly 2 Charitable Organizations: Autistim Association of Singapore & Over the Rainbow Singapore.

At The AuraChakra Company, we take corporate social responsibility seriously and conscientiously. We manage our business in an ethical and responsible way and are committed to giving back to society in the best possible way.

The AuraChakra Company aspire to help the local and international children charities by way of donations or by participating in community works thus by giving back to society in a spirited and conscientious approach. 

Our organisation in its continuous effort  to reach out to society with our vision and mission, will pledge a portion from our profit in our businesses to our designated charities.

We welcome contributions from our customers who may wish to voluntarily donate to our designated charities. 

For contributions, please email theaurachakracompany@gmail.com. Thank you.


About Autistim Association of Singapore

The Autism Association (Singapore) was set up through the initiative of a group of parents in August 1992 with the Registry of Societies. Their mission is to initiate, organise and support provision of a broad spectrum at services for people with autism in Singapore. Such services to encompass education, vocational and life skills training and residential care.


  • To identify, promote and encourage the treatment, education, welfare and acceptance of persons with autism. Also to watch over, protect and act in the interests of persons with autism and autistic-like features.
  • To stimulate public awareness and understanding of autism, and to promote community involvement and support for persons with autism and their families.
  • To familiarize and advise the community of the special skills, services as well as understanding necessary for the care and management of persons with autism so as to assist such persons to develop their full potential.
  • To encourage, promote and facilitate research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of autism and associated conditions.

Cheque Presentation to Autistim Association of Singapore during The Invisible Power Masterclass

About Over The Rainbow

One-stop hub for youth mental wellness- transforming youth mental wellness for the 21st century.


To propel youth mental wellness to the top of life’s priorities by empowering youths with practical hands-on wellness strategies.

  • To provide information, assistance, and support to youths suffering from mood disorders, namely depression and manic depression, along with caregivers.
  • Shatter the taboos surrounding mental illness and promote social awareness;
  • Build a loving community founded upon the timeless principles of love, compassion, truth, generosity, joy and service.

    By empowering youths with practical, hands-on wellness strategies, we hope to guide them on a journey of self-discovery and transformation so as to help them to reconnect with the core of their being, follow their heart, pursue their dreams, and fulfill their higher purpose in life.

For contributions, please email theaurachakracompany@gmail.com. Thank you.



The Aura Chakra Company is the leading specialist in expanding human potential since 2008:

We are the Authorized Global Distributor of Aura Chakra Scanning System(AVS)

Certified Global Aura Chakra Consultant & Trainer

Certified Global Training Centre for aura scanning system


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