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Personal Power Coaching

Intuitive Reading & Deep Dive Analysis

For appointment of individual session, please contact:
theaurachakracompany@gmail.com or call +65 9889 4432 (mobile)

• Power of Inner Blueprint (for individual)

While some would turn to a CRYSTAL BALL for answers, but LIFE’s best answers are within you.  Good ANSWERS come from asking Good QUESTIONS.

It’s about being crystal  CLEAR about your purpose and finding the most optimal approach to handle your situation. Life is 3% ACTIONS and 97% Reactions.

CLARITY will not change your world, but it will change your perception of your world. LIVE on YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.

30mins Personal Power Consultation

90mins Personal Power Consultation

• Power of Business Energy (for business owner)

Ask Donald Trump how he becomes so mega SUCCESSFUL, and He’d tell you , “I trust my GUT FEELINGS.”

In the world of business and corporate dealings, beyond the numbers and figures game, Acumen is perhaps the most underrated skill. After all, it was never taught in schools.

What is beyond logic and statistics? People don’t plan to fail, but they fail to plan. What if you could have the strategies of top business people and the intuition of a spiritual guru?

• 12-month Energy Forecast for personal or businesses

What in store does the year hold for you? Recieve a personalized view into your finances, health & relationships for the year, by the internationally acclaimed Energy Alchemist,
Selina Seah!

• 3-Week* Dress To Connect Transformation Program

In this intensive 3 Week Program, you'll have a hands-on experience on how to work on your energy-to dress, to connect & to achieve total transformational success, be it for businesses, meetings, family occations!

• 9-Week* Personal Power Unleashed Program

Get up-close and personal with the Energy Alchemist as she take you on a deep-dive journey into your own energy bluprint & unleash the infinite power within you!

*Sessions per week will be scheduled with participants and NOT on a daily basis.
Participants are to be in reasonably good health holistically and physically before signing up for the program.
Results may vary among participants.


Jason Chee Manhunt winner, Gym owner and model on Selina's intuitive consultation

Mitch Carson, Celebrity speaker, Consultant & Entrepreneur on Selina's intuitive consultation

Graham Bibby CEO & CIO Richmond Asset Mgt, International author, Investment Guru on Selina's intuitive consultation

Elizabeth Stephens, CEO & Founder of LivingNow, Australia No.1 print and online holistic magazines on Selina's intuitive consultation



1"I need to tell you something that has turned my life around! This awesome lady Selina has unblocked some of things that are going in my life for the better! By just looking at me she was absolutely spot on with her insights about my life & other details. Together with her gift of intuition and her system of scientific data, she can work with you to uncover those blockages & allow you to realize your full potential of your abilities in life! Selina has changed my life and you should also see her as she could really change your life!"

Graham Bibby
Richmond Asset Management
Investment Consultant
Regular contributor CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters



“Selina Seah has the power to transform the audience by connecting with them and touch their mind, heart & soul in a deep level.”

Spike Humer
International Author, Speaker, Business Consultant




"I have come across & met lots of authors and healers but I can tell you Selina is one of the most beautiful soul I have met. She is spot on with her interpretation & I am truly amazed by her amazing wealth of knowledge that comes from her heart.
I will highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about transforming his/her life!"

Elizabeth Stephens
CEO/Chief Editor
Australia's largest holistic magazine

"Selina is an amazing speaker & mentor who has totally transformed the room of participants in our Millionaire MasterClass with her amazing insights and knowledge. We have totally nothing but glowing words and feedbacks for her fantastic delivery that connect deeply with every one of us"

Darren J. Stephens
International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Success Consultant


5"Physical & emotional health is the 2 most important things in life! The Aura Scanning report & Selina’s amazing accuracy in her reading offer me an excellent balance to my mind, body & spirit! The Aura Energizer is something to reckon with! It heightened my aura, provides clarity & focus……This is what I need…”

Jason Chee
Winner Manhunt Asia 2012,
Owner, Abvolution Gym


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Click here to view more Testimonials!



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