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Own your very own signature masterpiece for lifetime abundance at the end of session

Selina Seah "Live" Aura Reading Featured on Argentina National TV

Selina Seah "Live" Aura Reading Featured on Tokyo Broadcasting Station (TBS)

(Click to read) Signature Analysis by The Aura Master as featured in Online Publication: JUNKASIA

The ancient Chinese emperors have long known of the importance of having a SEAL. Throughout much of Chinese history, seals were used as a mark of authority and to prove identity. Seals were considered to be very important signatures used on documents and even works of art.

Today our signature holds the representation for assurance and trust. However, besides sealing a deal or signing a contract, a signature holds within it a very powerful energy.

YOUR signature carries YOUR energy. The moment you create the strokes for your signature, you are creating energy for the event that you are signing for.

So what energy does your signature carry?

Studies have shown that a simple signature analysis can elucidate a lot about a person’s personality. Your signature can show if you are a straightforward person, a worrier, or if you are a leader.

In her work, Selina Seah has advised and helped many leaders improve their energy through their signatures. She calls it the missing puzzle to your life’s contract. Many people create signatures when they are younger, and while the signatures were good then, they could almost be completely unhelpful if not, harmful for them as they move through life and rise to bigger roles.

Examples of signatures in our everyday lives:

Who is this for:

CEOs & Executives: Creates the right energy for commanding respect, promoting harmony in team projects

Celebrities & Public Figures: Boosts self-esteem & status

Businessmen: Eases negotiations & boosts workflow

Mothers & Housewives: Soothes relationships & eases worries

Students: Assists in clearing blockages for better productivity & motivation

...& Much Much More!

Find out what your Signature says about you with Selina Seah, as she reveals the energy of your signature and what it tells the world about you.

For those who would like to create a Signature synonymous to your own energy and alignment to your life purpose, the Power Signature Total Transformation is for you.

Power Signature Total Transformation With The Aura Master

This is a collaborative process, Selina Seah, Aura Master & The Aura Master, will guide you along your purpose, your personality and your potential as you turn your signature into your best representation of you.

It is a deeply creative, healing and empowering journey where you turn strokes of your name into a masterpiece signature where you can proudly ink all your documents and life’s milestones.

Signature Analysis + Signature Re-engineering

Signature Analysis (30min, One-to-one session with Selina Seah, Now also available on zoom/skype)

Find out what your Signature says about you with Selina Seah, where she will reveal the energy of your signature and what it tells the world about you.

Find out if your signature is:
- Creating more clarity or confusion for you?
- That of a leader or a follower?
- Radiating confidence or lacking in your self-esteem?
- Open to authentic communications or reserved & closed off?
- Go with the flow or creates more stress for you?
- Brimming with creativity or having a mental block?
- …& Much More!

Signature Re-engineering (2 sessions: 1st session- 90min + 2nd review session 30min. One-to-one sessions with Selina Seah, Now also available on zoom/skype)

Selina Seah Seah, with her signature ‘Sign to Success Formula’ -will get you to:

1) Get a customised signature fitting.
Anyone who wants to look good knows how essential the ‘Fitting Process’ is. That’s the core goal of this process. It’s your signature and it must be well-adjusted to your personal growth and purpose. You want a signature that allows to bring out your individuality, not a signature that fit all sizes.

2) Start designing your Couture Signature.
When you invest in your signature, you are investing in your presentation, your energy that you broadcast to the world. Using her experience and gift of intuition, Selina Seah Seah will work with you through the design process, guiding you to find your very own version of perfection and archetypes. From the size, shape, slant and special details, you will be in the flow as your signature begins to flow and take form gloriously.

3) Time to INK it and be in SYNC with your masterpiece.
Good enough is never ‘good enough’ for your signature. It has to stand out, accentuate you and your fine energetic features. The message it carries must be clear, allowing you to be your best, to stand the test of time. Together with Selina Seah, you will choose the signature that will be your designer masterpiece- which you will feel proud and excited to sign and ink it in all your important endeavours.

4) PRACTICE not so you get it right, just so you don’t get it wrong.😊
You know you did so well in being conscious of your signature creation, it’s time to get it into your present and future. Practice makes perfect. Selina Seah will send you back home with your masterpiece and have you practice signing it- after all, you’ve been using the old signature for a long while and you certainly need to get used to the newer , better version of your signature.

5) Review and Set a date!
Selina Seah will set a review session with you ( recommended 7-14 days from the Re-engineering session) to go through and see if there is never improvements needed. Once it’s all good, Selina Seah will personally choose a few good dates for changing your signature- we all know the importance of not just having a new start, but starting with your best foot, with the best timing.

And you are ready to sign your way to more Success, more opportunities, better relationships and most importantly to a more powerful YOU.

Selina Seah is recognized as a leading specialist in the area of energy alchemy, human resource potential, success and personal transformation.

Mitch Carson, Celebrity speaker, Consultant & Entrepreneur on Selina's intuitive consultation

Elizabeth Stephens, CEO & Founder of LivingNow, Australia No 1 print and online holistic magazines, on Selina Seah

"Thank you Selina Seah for helping me unlock my full potential and to discover the missing puzzle for a successful life!"

Darren Stephen

"I need to tell you something that has turned my life around! This awesome lady Selina Seah has unblocked some of things that are going in my life for the better! By just looking at me she was absolutely spot on with her insights about my life & other details. Together with her gift of intuition and her system of scientific data, she can work with you to uncover those blockages & allow you to realize your full potential of your abilities in life! Selina has changed my life and you should also see her as she could really change your life!"

Graham Bibby
Investment Guru

“Selina Seah has the power to transform the audience by connecting with them and touch their mind, heart & soul in a deep level.”

Spike Humer
International Author, Speaker, Business Consultant

“An important must-have for everyone putting their signatures on their documents for a positive outcome.”
Gary Lim
Owner, Consulting Firm

“Power Signature has not only transformed my luck in business but also my energy and health positively.”
Gillian Tay
Finance Director

"A page will never be enough to write about my experiences with Selina Seah.

I have known and have been going to Selina Seah for readings for over 8 years now. She has helped me during my most challenging times in life. Her readings are accurate to the dot. Unlike others who just tell you the situation and expect you to deal with it solo, Selina goes one step ahead – she subtly coaches you to change your mindset so we have the capability and strength to change the negative to positive. As hard it is to do during the worse of times – she ALWAYS manages to get me out of the black hole. The value of her reading is priceless as the output I gain from the session has improved my life situations, financial abundance and most importantly the positivity of my mind.

4 years ago I was in the worst situation a person could be (no job, challenging personal life, needed support and strength). She was there as an angel, friend and guide to pick me up and come out of it. I am at a point where I am equipped and have the right mindset to fly into a new exciting beginning – I am ready to re-write my life. A lot of you would say that it’s me (including Selina Seah) – yes it’s me but it would not have been possible without her readings, without her pushing me and reminding me I am capable of great things and most importantly I would have completely been lost without her in my life.

A big thank you to a wonderful soul who brings light and lots of sunshine to everyone’s life."

Senior Executive

"I have been to Selina Seah for more than 2 years now. I came across her service by chance when looking for courses to enhance positive visualization enforcement. Selina is a truly gifted individual, her guidance had certainly help me through countless times when I need, not just insights and a window to possible situations and outcomes but also reassurances. I can't tell you how that has help me make sound decisions and forester peace of mind. I will highly recommend anyone looking for a truthful, accurate and heartfelt reading to only go to the best - Selina Seah."

Leei Hong
Senior Executive

"I would firstly like to Thank Selina Seah for being a guide and mentor to me. Dave and I have truly benefited from the sessions we have had with you. It always motivated me and gave me a clearer picture on my work and relationships.

I was having so much trouble at work and was at a very low point in my life. I never imagined myself working anywhere else as I had been at the same place for 7 years.

Not only you gave me the self confidence but also motivated me to start looking at other opportunities which I would not have thought possible. With your motivation and guidance, today my salary has risen by 35% and I have a clear picture of what I need to do for myself and my family.

Keep doing what you do best and I look forward to more success...Thank you Selina Seah."

Senior Bank Executive

"I have no words to describe my sessions with Selina. I have seen Selina personally and just 2 days ago my hubby and kids also saw her. Seeing Selina is indeed a blessing for anyone and am truly blessed to see her. I can vouch 100% how my sessions with her has been so great and has helped me, my life and my journey thus far very very helpful and awesome

...3 words to sum up session with Selina -full of positivity, determined, high sense of confidence..a newly found 'me'. My description of Selina - Selina stands for:
S= Sweet, E= Extraordinary, L= Lovely, I= Intelligent, N = Nurturing, A= Awesome - Selina is someone who is very true, very genuine and a great human being - Selina always wants the best for me and she is someone I will never forget - Selina never tells why I may be wrong or did something not right but she always keeps my spirit up and keeps telling me to keep going for it. Despite her own busy schedule, she is very very cheerful and spends alot of time to see me and help me.

I have wasted alot of money on many things.. remember if you want a change in your life....go and see Selina! Money can always be earned. But there are many things that money cannot buy - the hidden messages, our auric field and how they work for and against us and how we should tap on our gifts and talents...i only found all these after seeing Selina! Do not wait ...Do not procastinate!

The most memorable experience was just 2 days ago..as a Parent and a teacher, i was very worried and unhappy with my 8 yr old P2 son. He was not focused, not as driven to study and results was dipping. He loves to draw, dance and has a great imaginition. My P1 7-yr old girl on the other hand was more driven and could do her school work with less monitoring.

What was ultimately a cry for help to Selina was a such a blessing in disguise. After seeing Selina I discovered many truths I did not know. My son was a spiritual person endowed with many gifts and my daughter and hubby had their own gifts and we are all spiritually guided. Look at the drawings my son did and gave Selina if you do not believe me !!!. Often we are blinded by our blind spots and use our intellect to guide us. Often we also stumble along and face many obstacles and can be 'trapped in our thoughts'.

Selina helped me so much and I am trully indebted to her. I have come so far in my life due to her. There were many personal and work challenges and I had been at my low points many times.. today I feel so recharged and Selina and Vincent are God sent who are doing a great service to mankind.... Wait no more if you want changes in your life today!

Selina is such a warm, cheerful and an awesome person. I wish her and Vincent all the best that they do very well in life and at Aura chakra comp. These two people are so true, going the extra mile for others. They have impacted people so much and I have only a heart full of thks for them. Every minute of my time with Selina cannot be described with mere words. She is an extraordinary lady who will help trsnsform your life (of course we must put in effort as there is no shortcut to sucess) See Selina and you will be on your way to a positive and happy journey in life"

Sri Devi

"It is with great pleasure that I’m writing this testimonial to express my utmost heartfelt gratitude for all the advice that Selina Seah had given me over the years during the consultation sessions. It is more than words can express.

At a time when I was facing immense challenges in my professional IT career back in 2014 and 2015, I followed Selina Seah's advice and managed to ride out the bumps on multiple occasions, and attained the peak of my career. On my personal front, it is also with Selina Seah's advice that I managed to continue building and thrive in metaphysics and healing practice.

Many thanks to Selina Seah for always being there, and also for her great patience in listening, as well as being very meticulous and sensitive in meting out advice."

Mike Chua
Business Executive & Energy Practitioner

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Power Signature Total Transformation With The Energy Alchemist

Signature Analysis + Signature Re-engineering




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